NECA reveals their “lost wave” of action figures from Prometheus

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Back in 2012 NECA, known for its sci-fi and horror action figures, launched a line of Prometheus figures that sadly didn’t have much success despite its level of quality. The line lasted only three waves with the third one being simply repaints of earlier figures.

The line did cover the main creatures of the movie, namely the Engineers and the Deacon along with Michael Fassbender’s David but left other already prototyped human figures in the dark, only shown in certain events.

Now in preparation for Alien: Covenant NECA has decided to revisit some of those canceled figures: Elizabeth Shaw, Meredith Vickers and Fifield. Take a look at the new prototypes below!

Most impressive. Vickers and Fifield in particular look just like their movie counterparts.

Though no more details are given at these time, these figure will be available during Q1 2017. I’ll update this article as soon as there’s more info available. In the meantime, I wonder if they will ever release this Holloway figure?

Prototype of NECA Prometheus Holloway action figure

UPDATE: This is the official announcement along with a few more pictures of these figures:

In preparation for its upcoming sequel, Alien: Covenant, we return to Ridley Scott’s sci-fi thriller Prometheus!

At long last, this series includes the never-released figures fans have been requesting: Vickers, Shaw and Fifield. The 7” scale figures are entirely movie accurate and feature over 25 points of articulation. Vickers (Charlize Theron) comes with flamethrower and removable helmet. Shaw (Noomi Rapace) comes with axe, removable helmet and the android David’s severed head. Fifield (Sean Harris) comes with flashlight and removable helmet. Clamshell packaging.