NECA teases new Ripley action figure from Alien: Resurrection

Category Collectibles

As part of what now has become a tradition on Christmas Eve, NECA has teased a new action figure from their ongoing Alien line.

In the photo we can see the lower legs, fully painted with brown letter pants and boots, and an unpainted gun, both of which are unmistakably from Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley as she appeared in Alien: Resurrection. Take a look below!

No further word has been given about this particular figure, but by putting information from Tweets from the past several months, it looks like this version of Ripley will be part of the series 12 of NECA’s successful Alien line, along with an Alien Warrior and the Newborn from the same film. Series 11 has been confirmed to include Lambert from the very first Alien in her space suit.

The sudden change in release dates has meant we won’t be seeing this figures for a good while, as NECA is preparing to offer an special series of unreleased Prometheus figures and then begin with their Alien: Covenant shortly after that film’s release.

I’ve been waiting for Alien: Resurrection figures for a long time and I’m happy that they’re finally getting the high quality treatment that accompanies NECA’s line, even if the movie is not everyone’s favorite. This just shows how well the franchise and fans are in NECA’s hands. What do you think?