NECA unveils its line of Alien: Covenant figures and other collectibles

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With Alien: Covenant finally in theaters, the embargo was lifted and NECA has revealed their whole range of products from the film including 7″ scale action figures and more.

Possible spoilers ahead so go back now if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

First up is the main Alien creature from film, a new rendition of Giger’s biomechanical creation, only less biomechanical this time. The figure includes a wider range of articulation than we’ve seen so far in NECA’s Alien series and it’s able to be posed in all fours to replicate its movement in the film.

Next up is the film’s new creature named “neomorph”, a terrifying albino monster inspired by one of Carlos Huante’s rejected designs for Prometheus. Glad to see some of his amazing work finally come to life. The figure also includes a bloodburster and an extra head as accessories.

Rounding up the 7″ scale figures it’s this creature pack that includes every living alien creature featured in the movie. The pack includes one open egg, one closed egg, two facehuggers, one chestburster and one toddler neomorph. If you collect other NECA Alien figures you’ll definitely want this to add to your display.

Finally, the neomorph is also being featured in NECA’s other lines, Scalers that you can hang on cables and ropes and solar powered Headknockers.

On thing to note about all these figures is that NECA based their sculpt and the practical suits and designs they were provided with last year and there are obvious differences with the movie given that the practical suits were replaced and modified with CGI.

You can expect all of these to available by the end of June.