Official photos from Medicom MAFEX Justice League figures

Category Collectibles

Medicom Toy continues diving into the DCEU and last month at SDCC presented the entire Justice League team, each one of them looking great in action figure form.

Now they have released official photos from three of the members: Superman, Batman and The Flash.

Superman looks like a huge improvement over their previous Batman v Superman figure with better face paint and a nicer looking cape. The figure includes three alternate heads with an excellent likeness of Henry Cavill.

Another impressive update over the figure from the previous movie is Batman. The suit has few modifications that are reflected on the figure, which also includes a much better cape with leathery texture. An additional head is included with an angry expression, plus three Batarangs, a grapple gun, a grenade launcher and a hang grenade. The tactical suit version hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

Finally there’s the Flash figure that looks pretty slick. The inclusion of an unmasked alternate head with Ezra Miller’s likeness is a great addition and something that is becoming standard with the line. No other accessories are on sight, but The Flash doesn’t really need any.

The Batman figure is scheduled for release on January next year, with Superman and The Flash coming on March with pre-orders coming later this week. Meanwhile we’re still waiting on the remaining members of the League. Be sure to follow moviefy on Twitter for more updates.