Official photos of MAFEX Cyborg and tactical suit Batman from Justice League

Category Collectibles

With less than a month until the release of Justice League, Medicom has released official photos from the remaining figures from their movie line: Cyborg and the tactical suit version of Batman.

First up is Cyborg, who features a great sculpt and likeness to Ray Fisher. The accessories include two alternate heads, a pair of weapon hands, a shield, a Mother Box and several interchangeable hands.

As most fans already know, Batman will wear an alternate suit in the movie (actually teased on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and later revealed by Zack Snyder) known as the tactical suit.

The figure will include three alternate heads but sadly, like the regular suit version, no unmasked option which is strange given that Medicom is including unmasked heads in most of their upcoming releases. Additional accessories include three batarangs, a smoke grenade, a grapple gun, a grenade launcher, a wired cape and several hands.

Both figures are scheduled for release on May 2018, and you can pre-order Cyborg and Batman right now at AmiAmi.