Official photos of Medicom MAFEX Scarecrow figure from Batman Begins

Category Collectibles

Last month Medicom Toy revealed a couple new additions to their MAFEX line, both from DCEU movies and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy.

Upcoming figures from the celebrated trilogy include two different versions of Batman, updated Joker and Selina Kyle and the debut of Bane, Harvey Dent and Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow.

Yesterday official pics surfaced from their Scarecrow figure from Batman Begins and as you can see in the gallery below, it truly looks amazing.

The figure includes an alternate unmasked head featuring Cillian Murphy’s likeness, a separate mask to hold, a lighter and perhaps even cooler, additional parts to turn their upcoming Batman figure from the same movie into the ‘demon’ Crane sees after breathing his own fear toxin. Really cool stuff.

With a bunch of cool accessories and great Cillian Murphy likeness, this is a must for fans and collectors of The Dark Knight trilogy.

We can expect this figure around May-June next year with pre-orders coming up most likely later this week. Follow moviefy on Twitter for updates of where you can make your pre-order.