Watch a VFX evolution video from ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

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Not even the critics and negative “fans” can deny that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was, like any Zack Snyder movie, a visual treat, and this was achieved not only with wonderful cinematography but with the use of advanced visual effects.

Zack Snyder has just shared a behind the scenes video showcasing how the elements came together to create an epic visual experience, and while nowadays movie fans can easily spot digital trickery, this video shows that there are times where you just can’t tell. The video, which runs for almost 12 minutes, also goes into some specifics about how Doomsday’s birth and his destructive power were created in the fillm. Enjoy it below!

After watching that video I can’t help but wonder why we weren’t given a In-Movie Experience with the Blu-ray of the film like Snyder usually does, but perhaps that has to something to do with the fact that he’s been non-stop working on Justice League. But perhaps we can have such a thing later down the road whenever a box set from the DCEU it’s released.