Behind the scenes photo from Alien: Covenant teases the Space Jockey

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In addition, director Ridley Scott is set to receive the highest honor of the DGA

Today marks Sir Ridley Scott’s 79th birthday and as part of the celebration the official Twitter account of the franchise that he spawned saw fit to post a new picture of him on the set of Alien: Covenant in which you can clearly see the infamous Space Jockey. The question is, is this the actual Space Jockey from the original movie or another Engineer ship being depicted?

Director Ridley Scott on the set of Alien: Covenant
Director Ridley Scott on the set of Alien: Covenant

Also, the Directors Guild of America has announced that Scott will receive the Lifetime Achieve Award for Distinguished Achievement in Motion Picture Directing during a ceremony on February , 2017. Here’s the official announcement:

Masterful in any genre, Ridley’s groundbreaking methods and peerless directing instincts have brought to life some of the most memorable films of our time, capturing the resilience of the human spirit and captivating the hearts and minds of audiences around the world. Stunning visuals, immersive worlds and powerful performances underpin his diverse body of work which ranges from Alien, Blade Runner and Thelma & Louise to Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, and, most recently, The Martian. Over the course of four decades, his trailblazing career has demonstrated the impact and importance of the director’s singular vision. For these reasons, and so many more, we are honored to present the Lifetime Achievement Award in feature film to Ridley Scott.

Congratulations Mr. Scott, you truly deserve any and all awards coming your way.

Alien: Covenant is coming to theaters on May 19, 2017 and stars Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride, Demián Bichir, Billy Crudup and Noomi Rapace.