David Fincher is in final talks to direct the sequel to World War Z

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David Fincher

What begun as one of those rumors​ I don’t usually pay any attention to, seems to be getting closer​ to become a very intriguing reality.

Last year word started to spread that Brad Pitt was on the look out for a director for the sequel of his box office smash hit, World War Z and that the filmmaker he was trying to woo into the project was none other than David Fincher.

Nothing more came out of that report, and the film was later removed from Paramount Pictures’ schedule altogether. But now that the studio has a new chairman and CEO in Jim Gianopulos, seems like the project might be back on the table and not only that but, as Variety points out, it looks like Fincher is actually in final talks to helm the pic.

The idea that Fincher could even consider directing a big studio sequel was and is very surprising, given that his only other similar project was Alien³ whose troubled production and a meddling studio made him wary of ever getting involved in something like that again.

Putting that aside, having Fincher direct a zombie movie is something to get very excited about, provided he gets free reign to do his own thing. Plus there’s the added value of putting Pitt and Fincher together again, collaboration that so far has included Se7en, Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Directed by Marc Foster, World War Z had also an infamously troubled production, with the whole third act being rewritten and re-shot from a big action sequence to a slower and more claustrophobic ending. The film was also a victim of bad press, an spiraling budget and complains that it wasn’t even an actual adaptation of the Max Brooks book it took its title from. Despite all those pebbles the film turned out to be a big success.

If Fincher does sign up for the sequel there’s the questions of what amount of artistic control he’ll have, and whether he’ll introduce some if any of the plots from the novel, which could have probably made a far richer film the first time around. We’ll see.