Joe Carnahan and Frank Grillo teaming up for a remake of ‘The Raid’

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Joe Carnahan

Released in 2011, The Raid is an Indonesian action film directed by Gareth Evans that was a hit with audiences worldwide and was followed by a sequel, The Raid 2: Berendal. Naturally something made in a foreign country that becomes so popular is going to be the target of Hollywood studios to be remade.

Shortly after the release of the original film, Sony Pictures closed a deal to distribute it in the U.S., and negotiations begun to have its subsidiary Screen Gems handling an American remake with Gareth Evans overseeing the project as a producer. Patrick Hughes, who helmed The Expendables 3, was signed as the director and while Frank Grillo was rumored for the lead, eventually Taylor Kitsch was cast in the role. The whole thing however went to nothing as Screen Gems dropped the project in 2015.

Now XYZ Films, the company behind the original film, has picked up the ball and recruited Joe Carnahan as the director of this “re-imagining.” The announcement was made by Carnahan himself in an Instagram video where he discusses his approach with Frank Grillo while watching the original film. Take a look below.

#WarPartyFilms @xyzfilms @frankgrillo1 @ghuwevans. It's going down for real. #theraid

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After the news broke, the director, who’s very active on Twitter, reassured fans that he isn’t simply remaking Evans’ film, but will bring something special to the table.

I know many people are keen to hate on remakes of movies they love, but I remain open to give the filmmakers a chance. The Raid is not a film that I particularly enjoyed beyond the (admittedly excellent) fight sequences and Joe Carnahan on the other hand has proven himself as someone who create imaginative and exciting action sequences while still develop his characters.

Now, where will the new version of The Raid fit in Carnahan’s schedule is still unclear. The writer/director has finished the script for the long-in-development adaptation of Uncharted, and is set to direct Bad Boys 3 which will reunite Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.