M. Night Shyamalan confirms Unbreakable sequel is finally happening

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Director M. Night Shyamalan has confirmed that he just finished the script for his next film and that it will be a sequel to his 2000 superhero drama Unbreakable, chillingly titled Glass.

Shyamalan made the announcement through his Twitter account. Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson will return as security-guard-turned-hero David Dunn and Elijah Price AKA Mr. Glass respectively. But in typical Shyamalan fashion there’s a twist to this story…


If you watched Shyamalan’s latest thriller Split, then you know Bruce Willis makes a cameo at the end of the film reprising his role from Unbreakable, effectively connecting both movies. Also, James McAvoy’s character final dialogue to one of his personalities appears to be referring to Elijah Price.

And so Glass is not only a sequel to Unbreakable but Split as well, and it will center on Dunn tracking down McAvoy’s The Horde with Mr. Glass emerging as a shadowy figure “holding secrets critical to both of them.”

McAvoy and co-star Anya Taylor Joy who played Casey Cooke will also return. The film will be produced by Blumhouse and released by Universal Pictures on January 18, 2019.

Split (2017)

I can’t possibly put into words how excited I am that we’ll not only be getting a continuation of Unbreakable‘s story but we’ll also get Shyamalan’s own take on the shared universe that is so common these days. Just remember, years before Christopher Nolan grounded Batman in The Dark Knight, Unbreakable gave us our first serious look at the superhero genre packed in captivating thriller.

That and the continuation of the story set in motion in Split already puts Glass on top of my list for 2019.