Mel Gibson confirms he’s in talks to direct the ‘Suicide Squad’ sequel

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Mel Gibson

With Suicide Squad director David Ayer committed to direct Gotham City Sirens, Warner Bros. is in the lookout for a new director to helm the sequel of the successful (if divisive) Suicide Squad, and a few days ago Variety reported that the studio was in discussions with a handful of directors to take over the project.

Among the names thrown around were Ruben Fleischer (Gangster Squad), Daniel Espinosa (Safe House), Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies) and, surprisingly, Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson’s career as a director has been extremely successful with credits including Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ and Hacksaw Ridge, but in the past he has been quoted as saying he had not interest in directing a comic book adaptation. The report says however that Gibson was interested in the concept of Suicide Squad and was attracted to work with the cast, specially Will Smith.

Following this development, yesterday during a screening of Hacksaw Ridge, Gibson was asked about the possibility of him directing the movie, So is this getting close to a deal or is it a first date?, to which Gibson replied It’s kind of a first date.

That’s far from a done deal, but at least confirms the report was more than just a rumor, and I’m personally intrigued about the prospect of a Gibson directed DECU film, and as long as he approaches the material with respect I think we could have a very special film.