Zack Snyder releases his short noir film Snow Steam Iron on Vero

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Months after leaving the production of Justice League director Zack Snyder has started working on a couple of new projects, the first of which was to shot a mature short film over a weekend with friends and family and using an iPhone.

Last week Snyder teased Snow Steam Iron with a poster and short preview and today the complete short film has been posted online, but there’s a catch, to view it, at least for now, you’ll have to download the social app Vero, available for iOS and Android.

The plot involves a woman who seeks revenge over her physically abusive boyfriend, a cop. The film is set in a timeless New York with snow falling and without any dialogue, and true to Snyder’s style it is beautifully shot and it involves dark hues, slow-mo action. Samantha Jo (who played Euboea in Wonder Woman) stars in the lead role.

The video is posted on Zack Snyder’s account on Vero and runs for a little over four minutes. Head over this link to download the app if you don’t have it already

Following his family tragedy Snyder tried to commit to Justice League even more but it was clear he needed a break from the weight of carrying such a big movie, thus making something as small as Snow Steam Iron provided a better way to copping it.

It was a cathartic experience for all of us in a weird way because when we all get together it’s easier for us to make a movie than talk, Snyder says. There was a heavy air around, as you can imagine, but this film gave us this way to be with each other that was nice.

Snyder’s next projects for the big screen include the previously announced The Last Photograph, a film he originally started working on after the release of 300, and the adaptation of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead. He’s also executive producing more film in the DC Extended Universe, but he won’t be having much input on those given his focus on his own movies.

Sadly despite him going back to work, he won’t be returning to Justice League because in his own words it would be unfair in a lot of ways to get involved after leaving for so long, and he just trusts the people who left behind to do a great job. It would be safe to say, he won’t be returning to direct a DCEU film for the foreseeable future.