Zack Snyder teases Batman fight scene in the upcoming ‘Justice League’

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While Zack Snyder is hard at work putting the finishing touches to his upcoming Justice League, he still finds time to share tidbits with the fans on social media. His latest share posted on his Vero account is a photo of the editing room where the film is being completed.

The picture posted with the message “Down at CO3 with Stefan,” shows a screen where Batman is seen inside a big room, perhaps a warehouse, fighting multiple enemies, and even though the image is blurry and intended as a tease, I must say it looks gorgeous.

A scene from Justice League showing Batman during a fight sequence

Larry Fong, who has served as cinematographer of most of Zack Snyder’s films, but who regrettably isn’t working on Justice League, gave some more info about what this specific stage during post-production means on Twitter:

So there you have. Justice League is almost done, but we have to wait until November 17 to see it. In the meantime we’re still waiting for a proper first trailer, but with Wonder Woman just a few months away, the DCEU will be coming back in full force.