Star Trek: Beyond (Music from the Original Motion Picture: The Deluxe Edition)

Star Trek: Beyond (Music from the Original Motion Picture: The Deluxe Edition)
Album Artist
Michael Giacchino
Varèse Sarabande
Release Date
Name Length
1Logo and Prosper1:47
2Trick or Treaty0:45
3We Come in Pieces1:17
4Thank Your Lucky Star Date2:14
5Night on the Yorktown5:36
6To Thine Own Death Be True3:32
7We Make a Good Team0:22
8The Dance of the Nebula2:22
9A Swarm Reception2:23
10Krall Hell Breaks Loose3:04
11The Evacuation Variationes2:47
12Hitting the Saucer a Little Hard6:10
13Scotland's Worst Cliffhanger0:23
14A Hive and Kicking3:30
15Port of Krall0:52
16Jaylah Damage2:50
17No Enterprise for Guessing0:37
18In Artifacts as in Life1:51
19She's One Hell of a Dish1:26
20Make No Escape About It2:04
21Eat My Trusters3:56
22The Krall of the Wild2:10
23Spock's Vulcan Grip on Death1:31
24Captain on Ice0:42
Disc Lenght 54:11
1Franklin, My Dear2:50
2Transporting Good Time3:43
3Krall Work and No Play0:37
4A Lesson in Vulcan Mineralogy5:17
5The Cost of Abronath2:35
6MotorCycles of Relief3:18
7Mocking Jaylah3:27
8Jaylah House Rock3:18
9Bright Lights Big Velocity (Part 1)0:57
10Bright Lights Big Velocity (Part 2)2:59
11Spock Speaks Hive3:10
12Crash Decisions3:16
13Krall-y-Krall-y Oxen Free4:23
14Shutdown Happens4:35
15The Root of Krall Evil1:31
16Cater-Krall in Zero G2:17
17The Dreaded Rear Admiral2:02
18Par-tay for the Course2:46
19Space, the Final Frontier / Main on Ends2:42
20Jaylah's Theme2:36
21Yorktown Theme4:32
22Star Trek Main Theme3:44
23Krall Things Being Equal4:25
Disc Lenght 71:00
Album Lenght 125:11