First official ‘Justice League’ trailer is finally coming on Saturday

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After months and months of waiting, we’ll finally have a chance to get a taste of what Justice League looks and feels like when the first trailer for the film drops this weekend.

A promo debuted on NBC’s Today Show announcing the trailer for this Saturday, coincidentally the first anniversary of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The clip shown only lasts 16 seconds and is very Aquaman-centric, but with some cool imagery.

Footage from the movie already debuted in last years San Diego Comic-Con, but it wasn’t a real trailer, and the tone was very removed from what we’ve come to expect from the DC Extended Universe, and Zack Snyder’s films in general, which honestly had me concerned.

This  teaser clip is keeping the same music, but I hope the trailer drops it, and the tone will be more serious and engaging. A lot is riding on Justice League’s shoulders and I don’t think Warner Bros. should be risking trying to silence the negative criticism in exchange of losing the fans who already invested in the DCEU, and its artistic integrity.

I’m keeping my optimism.