New trailer for Blade Runner 2049 explodes the hype for the sequel

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As the release date approaches, the excitement for Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049, the belated sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi masterpiece, only grows stronger.

After having a first look at the film with last year’s teaser trailer, it was clear that the acclaimed director of Arrival and Sicario was intent on keeping Scott’s carefully crafted world and mood for this new movie, something that we as fans more than welcome. But, as the trailer that just debuted shows, there’s more than a few surprises coming our way.

The trailer shows a little more of the characters in the film, including a better at Jared Leto’s villanous character in what could be a show-stealer role. The mood and pace of the trailer are further enhanced by a new recording of Vangelis music from the 1982 film. Enjoy it below!

The new trailer was presented by Villeneuve and stars Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. The first film made me question what it meant to be a human being, said Gosling, with Ford adding that It’s very interesting visiting a character after some time. … It was a very gratifying experience.

We’re all hoping the Blade Runner 2049 will turn out as gratifying as the first film when it opens on October 6 this year. I’m beyond excited to see it.