The Justice League comes together in its first action-packed trailer

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The wait is finally over.

As promised by the just recently started marketing campaign for the film, the first official trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League has arrived, and it’s sure to blow people’s minds off.

The trailer shows most of our heroes (sans Superman, since he’s you know, dead) in astonishing action shots, like only Snyder knows how to do it, with a cover of “Come Together” playing in the background. It’s a real beauty to look, and a whole lot of fun. Watch it below.

While I do think it’s an excellent trailer, I’m having mixed feelings about it, and it all comes down to tone. The first trailers for all previous movies in the DC Extended Universe have been a lot more serious in nature and slowly paced.

Despite using music from The Lord of the Rings, the first couple trailers for Man of Steel really hooked me into the movie, aided by the inspiring words of Jor-El or Jonathan Kent (depending on which version you’re watching). Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s first trailer reflected on the effects of Superman in the world, something that was a core element to the film itself. Even Suicide Squad hinted at a more serious film than the one we got, and even though I love what we got I’ll always be intrigued by what it was teased there.

This first trailer for Justice League feels very different from any of those, and that has me worried. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice got a lot of hate for what it wasn’t instead of what it was. The film got criticized because instead of choosing an action filled, colorful and fun approach  chose a deconstructive, more reflective approach that built upon the foundation of Man of Steel and like Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight showed the real world effects of one hero’s actions.

Ignoring what Snyder and company tried to do, the negative press the film got was unprecedented and like many who loved it, I was afraid that the studio would try to course correct the ship in following installments. Suicide Squad‘s uneven tone was the first warning. So far, Wonder Woman looks to be untouched and I’m very excited to see it, but what about Justice League? Is Snyder having to please a group of fans and critics instead of advancing the established world’s themes? I truly hope not.

I know these words may sound very negative, and that is not my intent. I love the DCEU, and I love that Warner Bros. decided to take a different path and to let filmmakers tell their stories instead of adhering to pre-established mold, and I’m constantly fearful the franchise could degrade into a more predictable, emptier affair.

Trailers are meant to get people interested in the final movie, and this trailer for Justice League will no doubt do that, and that is great, but I do hope the movie itself analyzes the effects of a world after Superman, and it gets into the core of our heroes to advance their personal stories to create something meaningful. The action will be spectacular, I’m pretty sure of it, but that’s not what really attracts me to this universe. I remain hopeful.