Weyland Yutani wants you to meet ‘Alien: Covenant’s new android Walter

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Continuing with the viral marketing campaign for Alien: Covenant, 20th Century Fox has just released a promotional video featuring Walter, the new android played by Michael Fassbender in the upcoming film.

Even though Walter looks almost identical to David in Prometheus, there are several upgrades that the viral site lists as cognitive processing, emotional intelligence, biometric regulation and biosocial compatibility. The video while featuring a lot less dialogue from Fassbender than the one release for Prometheus, it is just as creepy underneath. One thing to notice is that Weyland Industries has now evolved into Weyland Yutani. Check the video below!

Like they did in the last film, 20th Century Fox is partnering with another company to give this campaign a little bit of “realism” thus Walter uses AMD processors. You can also “reserve” your own Walter at https://meetwalter.com. Once you sign in you’ll get an email confirming your reservation with the following message:

Your reservaion is confirmed. Walter production is scheduled to begin shortly. You will be invited to customize your synthetic companion in the order of your reservation.
Deliveries of the Walter units will begin in late April of 2017. Weyland-Yutani appreciates your business.

Have you reserved your Walter yet?